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About Us

Our founder Ebru ABUÇ started her journey on enterpreneurial industry on the date of 22.05.2005. Her ambition, success and enterpreneurial skills has become a significiant example for “Woman of Action” until today. Now, to indicate her overachievement she keeps her success with Jasmine AVM. Priority is quality service and  sthrenghten our team in this way. Our essential principles are “ Success and costumer satisfaction”. We will keep us developed more with this principle day by day.

Our Mission:

Jasmine AVM is founded to unite Turkish and other country’s manufacturers with costumers. Thus, manufacturer will be able to serve their products to their costumers with quality and fair price.

Our Vision:

Jasmine AVM will develop itself as a quality and trustable mall to announce own name. To known with success in Turkey and other countries is one of our target.