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Delivery Information

We aim to send products that have been published on the same day. For products that take time to procure, the cargo delivery time is 3 working days as in the product details. Size information will be given in case of probability of occurrence.
In order to ensure the delivery of the product without delay, please inform the address of your current location as the delivery address during the day.
Your requests will be processed to be prepared according to the delivery type you have determined at the end of the order. The products will be sent by Aras Kargo. After your orders are approved, they will be delivered to the Cargo company at the end of 3 (three) working days at the latest.
Even if the Buyer is not at the address at the time of delivery, the Seller will be deemed to have fulfilled its action completely and completely. For this reason, the Buyer shall pay for any damages caused by the Buyer's late delivery of the product and the costs incurred due to the fact that the product had waited at the Cargo / Shipping company and / or the cargo was returned to the Seller.
You can consult our customer representative and discuss different delivery terms.
Open and check the packages that you think are damaged during shipment in front of the company representative you received. If you think there is any damage to the product, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a report to the cargo company.
After the delivery of the product, it is accepted that the cargo company has fulfilled its duty completely.
If the product is damaged: Notify the report you prepared as soon as possible to [email protected] If you carry out these procedures, we will start working on your package and ensure that the delivery is repeated as soon as possible. If you briefly explain why you want to return the product in this e-mail, you will help us with our product-related work.